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Hog & Ventilation

AP offers a complete selection of swine production equipment including feeders and waters, ventilation and heating equipment, feed storage and delivery, flooring, confinement and more! AP also offers ventilation and watering equipment for dairy and horticulture applications.

SCHAUER - Electronic Sow Feeding System

The purpose of flooring is to provide good traction, a comfortable surface, and durability. Traction bars prevent sow from slipping when getting up or lying down. Flooring should also allow manure to filter readily, helping you to maintain a clean, healthy environment for your pigs. Flooring that is easier to clean improves labor efficiency.

Made from high quality precast concrete, barkman hog slats offer exceptional value for your hog barns. Not only do barkman concrete slats provide a cleaner, dryer and healthier environment for your animals, but they also provide a number of important advantages over conventional hog farm flooring including safer footing, improved sanitation and superior long-term durability.

Grand Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a community owned and operated metal fabrication shop, located just 9 miles south of Oakville, Manitoba. Our 30,000+ square foot fabricating shop is where our 10 full-time employees perform production for a variety of companies. Fabricating hog equipment and custom laser cutting, are our primary areas of expertise.

Better Air Systems is a diversified manufacturing facility located in central Manitoba, Canada. We manufacture complete ventilation systems, a broad range of agricultural products and also have devoted extensive research into rebar accessories for concrete construction.

Prairie Pride by PWAire has been a manufacturer and distributor of equipment for the Hog and Poultry Industry since 1981. We understand the unique needs and challenges of growers and we strive to meet all their requirements by producing quality products that are designed especially for their industry.

GSI Electronics Inc. develops, manufactures and distributes innovative technological products for the agricultural industry. Our unique expertise allows us to offer accurate, simple and diverse electronic, data processing and mechanical solutions for improving agricultural production.

ADA Enterprises, Inc. is the manufacturer of Dura TracŪ plastic (PVC) coated steel animal flooring, the Dura Bilt Calf Stall, and the Dura Bilt Pork Lift.

All Dura Trac flooring is specifically designed to keep animals warm, dry, and comfortable.

For more than 30 years Nedap has developed and produced automation processes for livestock farming which are sold worldwide. Due to our increasing population and prosperity, dairy and meat producers have seen a rise in the demand for their products.

Microfan develops and delivers operating systems for the intensive livestock worldwide. With our modern systems and sophisticated software we supply an optimal stall output.
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